Keep track of your keys digitally

Become an excellent and organized professional

When you live with a costly chaos among your keys. We give you fast and secure availability. Book a meeting at your location and together we will ensure that you get to where you want to go. We present a quotation that you need to approve. Once you have booked and completed our training, you are up and running. You no longer need to be frustrated and worried. Now you gain control and order.

We believe that we can free time for you, and at the same time make you feel safe and secure. PAAM Systems has developed smart, interactive, time saving systems for handling of keys for over 30 years – since the start in 1989.

Beside some accessories we are only offering self developed solutions under the trademarks AXSOR and EAGLE. This means that you get the most cost efficient offering, directly from the source – without middle-men. Innovation from Sweden, Developed in Sweden, Constructed in Sweden – simply Made in Sweden.

We always strive to make the handling of keys faster and safer. We want you to focus on your core business. You can be sure that AXSOR and EAGLE handle your everyday usage of keys

What we offer

AXSOR is the key management platform were everything is monitored. Since we want you to get as much use of the system as possible, we offer AXSOR without limitations. Hence, it is possible to have unlimited number of EAGLE Assemblies connected, unlimited number of Objects registered (both electronically surveilled and manually stored and handled) and unlimited number of Administrators.

EAGLE are the electro-mechanical storage units connected to AXSOR. You can choose EAGLE in different sizes and security levels. You then connect your keys, with a paginated non-resealable key ring, to an identity carrier with a unique RFID-chip. This represents the electronically surveilled Object that withdrawals and placements are automatically registered for in your EAGLE-Assembly.

How is it used?

Meet Elin. A hard working line manager at a power supply plant. In her work she meets a lot of entrepreneurs that need access in remote areas to perform their work. She is responisble to make sure that they have the right access, at the right time, to the right place. And she needs to make sure that nothing gets lost. Do you want to know how she manages all that with a smile?

A high demand on feeling safe and secure. That is what Johnny faces every day. As a security guard, order and fast access is of utmost importance. To be able to keep high quality when performing patrolling rounds and secure the right keys when an alarm goes of, this is how Johnny does it. 

Being a property manager, Eric has many things on his plate. Not only is he responsible for the property itself, but he also has to make sure that the rental services works and facility management works,  together with the entrepreneurs that needs access to different properties, at different times. This could easily make anyone stressed  and grumpy. Is it possible to handle all that at once?

Suzan is the most caring person and she is passionate about everyone to have a meaningful life. That is why she decided to start a care take home for elderly. Doing that she discovered how little time she has left over for the “real” work. So she decided to free up more time for those she is passionate about.