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Keymanagement for all organization

35+ years creating key management solutions for businesses

Streamline your entire operation

You deserve to have the best solution for you. Don’t compromise, make keys easier to handle and safer to store.


Choose safety

Get high security with easy and fast access.

Minimize keys used

No more unnecessary key handouts.

Digitilize management

Automatic reminders, receipts and alerts.

Store near sight

Place the key assembly were you need it.

Accessibility for you and security for the caretaker

Easy access and control of your keys will make work less stressful and create a safer everyday life for the caretakers and their loved ones.


Save time

Easy access and control let you focus on other things.

Get reminded

Reminders are sent out via sms or email to key users.

Set return time

Make sure all keys are returned in time after each shift.

Contact info

The coworkers can easily contact the active key holder if needed.

Out the door in a heartbeat with fast access to keys

Get in control and make people feel secure with our digital key management system.


Be confident

Your keys are always where you need them.

React faster

Needed keys will light up during emergencies.

Set up patrol rounds

Set up rounds with adresses and maps.

Access with round id

Coworkers can easily take over rounds.

Take a load off your back

Provide the best conditions for you and your operation.


Save money

Avoid losing keys and spend less money on manual management.

Give easy access

Staff and external parties can collect keys themselves.

Have multiple administrators

All administration in the same system.

Sign handouts

Simplify handouts to external parties with digital recipes and signatures.

The PAAM key management guide

In the PAAM key management guide we have gathered crucial information for you, what to consider and how to approach a project to minimize risks and costs.