As a supervisor at a security company, Johnny has to make sure that there is order and that his coworkers has fast access to the right objects without jeopardizing the security. They must have traceability, safe storage, and their customers must be able to rely on them being quick and accurate when an emergency occurs.  

…and now with AXSOR and EAGLE

Patrol rounds

Usually, each round is performed by the same patrol guard. In the event that a guard calls in sick, another coworker can easily fill in the patrol round. By entering the round identification in the EAGLE Assembly, it's possible to retrieve all necessary keys for the round, and even see the addresses on a map. 

Emergency service

When there is an emergency, an automatic alarm code is sent to the EAGLE Assembly and all needed keys for that alarm will light up. In matter of seconds Johnny can be on his way to the emergency, knowing he has all the keys he needs. 

Order & inventory

In order to make sure every key is in place, all key bunches are  sealed with a tamper proof, steel, key ring with an ID. And each key is documented and connected to that exact ID. That way Johnny can make sure that no keys are missing and the inventory he does every month goes smoothly. 

The Security business is a cross-industry segment and can be found as a part of other businesses. However, as we see it the largest parts of the security business are presence to make people feel secure, quick responses to trigged alarms together with structured and planned patrolling on predetermined routes.

Since the work in the security business includes both quick responses and planned efforts it is important that the key management system is both fast and possible to structure. This is why EAGLE has a very fast user experience and AXSOR gives all thinkable possibilities for structuring the key management.

Here are 3 ways to track & follow up the usage

Extended Control


It is possible to register who owns a key when borrowed from a client. This makes it possible to make reports on all usage of specific clients keys – creating added value for clients and extending the control even outside your own organization.


Alerts of usage


Setup specific alerts on usage of specific objects. That way it is easy to get extra control when needed. Furthermore, it is possible to get alerts when a specific activity is not performed in time or if a key isn’t returned on time. 



Alarms and actions


Set up patrol rounds with addresses and maps. Connect alarm codes directly for fast withdrawals. All monitored with time stamps to give full control.