Social Care

Susan is passionate about her work and feels frustrated that she cannot spend more time with the elderly. Somehow, she needs to free up time for her and her coworkers to make that possible. One of the challenges is that at each shift change, huge queues are built up when keys needs to be returned. Sometimes, coworkers forget to return a key leading to delayed visits and much time spent on trying to contact the key holder.

… with AXSOR and EAGLE

Thanks to good routines and proper setups in AXSOR, Suzan is now able to get a great overview even though  the keys are geographical spread. The system helps with reminders and if someone forgets to return a key, all coworkers can contact each other to help out. 

We are humbled by the work that is done within social care. We are aware of that, in the end, all comes down to human lifes – every day, every week, all year around, at all times. This is why the work is so important and why the supporting systems must be seamless and efficient.

PAAMs business has its origin in serving the social care business. Therefore, we know the importance of a system working 24/7/365. We also know that fast handling is crucial to make your workday as smooth as possible giving you as much time as possible to serve your clients. We can give you the opportunity to focus even more on your core business.

Here are 3 ways to keep track of keys and objects

Extended control


It is possible to register who owns a key when borrowed from a client. This makes it possible to make reports on all usage of specific care takers keys – creating added value for clients and extending the control even outside your own organization.


Alerts of usage


Setup specific alerts on usage of specific objects. That way it is easy to get extra control when needed. Furthermore, it is possible to get alerts when a specific activity is not performed in time or if a key isn't returned on time.


Shift changes


At every shift change, a return  control is set to make sure all keys are returned in time for the next shift. If any keys are missing a reminder can be sent to the key holder and supervisor, either by  SMS or email.