When Elin started at the power plant some years ago, this is what she had to face.

Manual routines for key management often meant that high access keys, like master keys, were handed out. Furthermore, it often meant that there were more keys in circulation than necessary since follow-up was hard and tedious.

All lent keys were documented manually, meaning that it was very time consuming to make sure that the keys were returned in time for the next days tasks. It meant that a small inventory and reminders had to be done manually at the end of each day.

It was hard to have a safe and secure storage of keys at a satisfying level. The manual handling often meant that the keys had to be stored in a centralized site in order to get some control of the usage. This often meant time consuming hand-outs and queuing that cost money.

… and now with AXSOR and EAGLE

Elin has accomplished a more secure and simpler way to have control of all keys even though she has decentralized the storage. 

And if anything is out of the ordinary, Elin will receive messages with warnings, alerts and alarms immediately, containing the information about what has happened and who the responsible is.

Infrastructure is a multifaceted business – often with a lot of keys and often quite labor intensive. Many times, there are external parties involved and there are keys to be handled for vehicles, tools and other equipment as well as keys to get access to service sites.

We want you to be able to focus fully on your core business. We are experts on key management, so we would like to facilitate your every day business by offering you a system to manage your keys as efficient as possible. We give you the opportunity to setup key management in different ways depending on your different needs within Infrastructure.

Here are 3 ways to keep track of keys and objects

Retrieve in AXSOR


Seldom used objects or keys are possible to handle without electronical surveilled storages. Store them in a safe storage and register them in AXSOR. Then you are able to retrieve them via one click in AXSOR, and return them in the same simple way. Manually handled, but still with good control.


Withdrawal from EAGLE


Keep keys and objects used by several individuals in an EAGLE Assembly. That way each withdrawal and placement is automatically registered. It is possible to handle work orders as activities and to search for addresses in the EAGLE-Assembly. Everything is under control and everything is possible to check-up.


Digital reciepts


External entrepreneurs can get keys and objects handed out via digital receipts and sign them digitally. It is easy to connect the hand-outs via the individuals company.  That way you are able to follow-up returns in a safe manner. And it's possible to send reminders via SMS and email to the company.