Vision and mission

Freedom of Choice

We strive to make the world a place of freedom of choice when it comes to control, traceability, optimization and safety, for everyone.

Always in Sight

We are digitalizing the use of physical keys, so that the real everyday heroes can focus on their mission.

Code of conduct

We stand for:

Environmental efforts

PAAM respects the limits of our planet and work with a preventive approach to minimize the environmental impacts of our own business as well as of our partners and suppliers.

We follow up our actual footprint from our activities, manufacturing and transports – and continuously try to improve our business.

Quality control


The licensor of PAAM Systems holds the ISO certification 90001, 14001, and 45001. This means that everyone in the PAAM concept follows the processes and culture, making sure that there is always an aspiration for improvements.


PAAM Systems have been a holder of the R-license since 2011, which is a quality label that recommends companies that actively work with an ethical approach. 

CE marking

All EAGLE products are CE marked. It means that they all comply with several EC Directives, such as restrictions of hazardous substances and electromagnetic emissions.

Sustainable Development

We follow the guidance provided by ISO 26000 to implement social responsibility into the organization.

You have to know the past 

to understand the present.