We are searching for franchisees



Be the first one to choose your location.  Three Master Licenses  available across UK. 



In Germany we are currently searching for 4 Master Licensees to set up new businesses.



Be your own Master Licensee in Netherlands. One opportunity is available. 

Are you in a different area and believe that PAAM would be perfect in your market?

Become a part of the PAAM Family

We have gathered decades of experience within the key management business and turned it into a concept. We believe that we are able to share our sucess and make others thrive as we have. That is why we have turned our business into a franchise. 

Get to know us and see why we love to help other businesses. Take part of our past experience. Read the history of PAAM, with all the ups and downs along the way to understad why & how we became a franchise.  

Have a glance at what it means to become a Master Licensee and what a Master Licensee does. 

Do you have a high inner drive, an intellect to develop a business and wish to build an independent unit, in an exclusive area,  within the PAAM Concept? Are you sales oriented and strategic wishing to use your skills in your own business? Then this might be a great opportunity.  

We are searching for highly skilled, opportunity-oriented individuals with a high level of digital understanding, wanting to establish the PAAM Concept, as a Master Licensee in an exclusive area.


The PAAM Concept

The concept has a business model that is proven, scalable and sales focused. During your journey to become a sucessful PAAM member we will provide you with knowledge, tools, support systems, a mentor and a buddy. All, to make you prosper and achieve the goals within your territory. 

PAAM offers the business concept of AXSOR and EAGLE with sales and delivery processes developed continuously.

As business support you will use the CRM system to handle all parts of sales, delivery and after market. Furthermore, the IT-environment is built around Microsoft Intune and all special tools & equipment needed are engineered to ease up the everyday work.

All these supporting tools and all experience will be supplied for you during the four week orientation you get as a Master Licensee. Of course, you will also be supported in your home market during the first months of your business. 

The process to become a Master Licensee

The PAAM Concept does not suit everyone. It is important that both parties are fully aware of and agree upon all requirements and expectations. The process is normally taking about three months from the first interest shown until an agreement is signed and the introduction starts.

We do not know if this is something for you but we do know what we are in need of and what it takes to become a successful PAAM member. If you feel that you are up for it, declare your interest and we start the seven step journey

Tell us more about yourself and your market and we will contact you shortly.