Real Estate

Without a digital system for the entire key portfolio, Eric was irritable and was never able to cope with the workload since he had to keep  all information in his mind or on a piece of paper.

Every morning a que of entrepreneurs would build up in the reception to fetch keys for the work orders of the day. At the same time, tenants of the rental properties visited the office and needed to be attended to. All this led to frustrated tenants and expensive work costs.

Any emergency, such as a water leak, would lead the property maintenance team to use master keys, since the maintenance keys where handed out. Losing such a key would have the consequence of replacing lock cylinders in an entire building. This made Eric very stressed.

Several coworkers tried to help maintaining order by documenting on pieces of paper. However, there was no common place for them to keep track of the documentation, leading to confusion and time consuming paper work and research.

… and now with AXSOR and EAGLE

Eric has made many changes  in the organization. And he is now able to offer a quicker and more accurate handling of the keys. This has also proven to be more cost efficient as well. 

And if anything is out of the ordinary, Eric receives messages with warnings, alerts and alarms immediately. He is able to help all the organization by having a great overview.

We are no experts in the Real Estate business, but since we have worked with Real Estate customers a lot of years we know some of the challenges you face – first and foremost considering key management.

We know that rental services includes handling of long-term key hand-outs and that facility and property management often means a lot of short-term hand-outs to internal co-workers as well as external entrepreneurs – every day, all year around. It means a lot of work and a lot to keep track of, and that is why we can offer you a solution for this. We can show you new opportunities.

Here are 3 ways to keep track of keys and objects

Retrieve in AXSOR


Seldom used objects or keys are possible to handle without electronical surveilled storages. Store them in a safe storage and register them in AXSOR. Then you are able to retrieve them via one click in AXSOR, and return them in the same simple way. Manually handled, but still with good control.


Withdrawal from EAGLE


Keep keys and objects used by several individuals in an EAGLE Assembly. That way each withdrawal and placement is automatically registered. It is possible to handle work orders as activities and to search for addresses in the EAGLE-Assembly. Everything is under control and everything is possible to check-up.


Digital reciepts


External entrepreneurs can get keys and objects handed out via digital receipts and sign them digitally. It is easy to connect the hand-outs via the individuals company.  That way you are able to follow-up returns in a safe manner. And it's possible to send reminders via SMS and email to the company.